I'm trying to try…

Remember how I have all these big dreams and plans… and I was going to accomplish something….  Yeah.  That’s working out well.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am in a funk.

I’m exhausted from work, have no idea where to even start for these plans, confused about friendships, homesick for China, longing to be with my family (namely my grandfather who’s having surgery because they found cancer), the heat sucks and I’m worried about my cats, more work crap, and probably even more stuff I’m just ignoring as to not add on to the pile.

I’m trying to focus on the positive.  It’s hard when there’s so much you want to be doing, when you want to be at a different place in your life… but you just don’t know how to get there.  Once I feel I’ve untangled one problem another set of knots appear.

How do you guys get out of a funk?

I keep reaching for the stars… but I only feel smaller and smaller…