Pain comes in Fours?

So my body took me on an adventure this week.  An adventure partially taken in Fours.

I spent four days in a lot of pain.  Four days not able to work.  (Okay, one of those was my day off, but I had a work potluck to go to that day.)  On that fourth day, I went to a doctor.  And ended up in the ER.

I spent four days in the hospital.  (Something you may or may not have noticed on my twitter or facebook updates.)  I had four pelvic exams in one day.  Yes, FOUR.  And well, that’s sort of where the four theme stops.

After an extremely painful internal ultrasound — where they stick an imaging wand up your ladybits and look around — they found a small, two centimeter abscess near my left ovary.  And then they continued to poke at it.  Both with the wand, repeatedly, and then with their hands from the outside.

I was admitted from the ER late Tuesday night.  Had two roommates, the last waaaaaaay crazier than the first.  (She seriously said, in reference to herself, “there’s a difference between a crackhead and a junkie” — she just called herself a junkie.)  My mom came up from Indiana and stayed with me.  My Lovely roommate (my REAL roommate) visited and brought supplies from home.  And The Bartender swung by a few times, and even ran to the apartment to get stuff for me too.

I’m home now, as is my mom.  Still in pain.  Kinda regretting not asking for vicodine at home.  (Which: Vicodine dreams?  Yeah.  WEIRD.)  I go back in two weeks to find out if my antibiotics have worked or if I need surgery.  We’ll find out on Monday how I do at work.

Anyway.  So yeah.  I guess I owe my uterus an apology.