a man and his bike: the mennojerk returns

My friend Neal is unemployed and homeless.  And he’s currently embarking on a 10,000 mile journey across the country, touching each of the lower 48 states.  All on his bike.  In six months.  Crazy?  Awesome?  … or just crazy awesome.

Neal and I met about five years ago (ish) in college.  It was the start of the spring semester, I had just returned from China and he had just transferred to GC that fall.  He’s a former ruby player (the “Neal was a hooker” jokes never got old), previously did about 3-4 years majoring in the sciences, only to transfer to Goshen, become a bible major and occasionally wear a skirt*.

Something instantly struck me about Neal.  And I’ve got to say he gives some of the best hugs out there.  But since we graduated, oh, three years ago, we haven’t really kept in touch.  He became an RD at a small Mennonite college in Kansas, and well, I’ve been doing the Chicago thing.  And now?  Now he’s doing this crazy awesome bike trip all while promoting the Mennonite Disaster Service.

Last night, as part of his break in Chicago, he swung by my place and visited for a while.  Shared some stories from the road.  He’s been to 26 states now, as well as DC and a bit of Canada.  He’s completed the entire Eastern time zone.  But now he’s got all those big states left.  About 2/3 of his journey.

You can follow Neal’s journey on his blog: cycleMDS
or on Facebook: Cycling for Mennonite Disaster Service group
If he comes through your area, you should join him for a little bit of the ride.  He’d enjoy that.

*Neal in a skirt.  (And the WGCS shirt I tie-died and gave him.)

A handful of men at GC decided to wear skirts one day.  Thought it’d be funny or something.  Discovered how comfortable it is, and well, some of them continued to wear skirts.