potentially good things: knock on wood

So there have been some potentially good things happening lately.  Things I wish I could broadcast and dance and celebrate like crazy.  I want to tell everyone every little detail.  I want everyone to get excited with me.


Well, I’m only human.  And, though not necessarily superstitious, since nothing is necessarily for sure… Well, I kind of want to keep it to myself for a little bit and see how it grows.  Then, once it goes from being a potentially good thing to an actually good thing… then we can dance and celebrate.

What I can tell you is, with these potentially good things…  It’ll hopefully bring a very positive change and challenge.  Someone sought me out, thought I’d be a good match for an opportunity.  So today we met to talk about it.  More conversations will happen soon.   And then we’ll see what happens.

Beyond that, I also received an email about joining a start up, or rather a re-start up.  Not a full time gig, but enough really.  So I’m looking forward to hearing back from them and seeing in what capacity I’ll be helping out.

So good things are brewing.  And I’m excited.  I’m dealing with my heath — whether it’s endo or not.  And I’m trying to make steps towards something good.  I’m staying hopeful.  All those good vibes seem to be taking root.  Here’s to good things.  And not just my own.

I’m also thinking about some restructuring for this blog. Nothing too major, but well, it’s another good thing.