So a lot going on?  I’d say so.

I’ve got less than 24 hours to organize my portfolio for an interested party.
Potentially good thing, right?

But with my main machine down — a 4 year old 17″ iMac — I’m going to possibly push my little hackintosh to its limits.  I don’t have any of the software that I need on here, not to mention some of the graphics I’ve created.  Netbooks also lack optical drives, so installing the software that I need is going to rely on internet download times.

Gotta love a challenge.

Anyway.  As mentioned previously.  There are some potentially good things coming.  They’ve got me excited.  And I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of this.

*Red Cents is an annual Literary and Arts magazine published via Pinchpenny Press at Goshen College.  This is a piece I designed for our submissions poster.  I was the Art Editor for this, the third issue.