small stuff, and something big

Each day brings new things.  Both good and bad.  And sometimes those things add up.

We get frustrated.  We get embarrassed.  We get hurt.
Sometimes my mug says it all, “I’m tired and I want a cookie.”
Most of the time, these things are completely trivial.  But the smallest grains eventually pile together and whole islands are formed.

Without our support networks, it doesn’t feel like you could make it through to the next problem.  I could fill a book of thank yous that I want to write.  But tonight, I just want to thank one person.  The Bartender.  No, I won’t get all mushy on you…  but he’s stayed by me through so many things in the three months we’ve gotten closer.  He’s a friend in every sense of the word.  His support means so much to me.  Even if it’s just a simple text to say hi or *hugs*… He cares.  And I’m completely grateful.