Bittersweet October

Why hello, old friend…

New months means new possibilities, right?  I hope so.  But this month comes with a shadow.

  • I’ve established that I love fall.  I’m more than excited to start seeing the change of seasons wash over the city.  It won’t be the same as when I lived in Goshen (aka The Maple City), but still.
  • New month, new job!  I start in just over a week.  One word: YAY.
  • I’ve got a play date with an awesome pup!  (The Bartender gets his dog for the weekend, and I get to hang out with both of them.)
  • On Monday I board a plane and head off east!  Plans are taking shape as to what we’ll actually be doing… Day trip to Maine, romping through Vermont & New Hampshire, then off to Canada… included in all of this is visiting my cousin for her birthday!

And then the reality of this month sinks in.  This year marks 4 years since we lost my stepmom Karen to cancer.  If I’ve gained one thing, it’s perspective.  I lost a parent.  In the list of things that have happened in my life, that’s pretty major.

Perspective has been a key thing in my life lately.  And on that note, I really encourage you to read Paige’s post I’m not sorry.  She has the strength to say so many things I wish I could.