crying in your cubical. and everything else that's going wrong. (and, oh yeah, things that are going right.. and duck butts.)

The last thing you want to do at your new job is look like the crazy girl.  But there I was, freaking out, crying and shaking and did I mention freaking out?  All in front of someone way more important than me.

To say this has been a hard week, well, honestly, my brain just can’t work out anything clever to say.  This week was completely unexpected and very challenging.  I was hoping I was free from the drama for a little bit… but apparently The Universe has some other plans for me.

I can’t go into details, but there are changes happening at my job.  It’s effecting us all.  However, I support the vision for our company and despite what is going on presently am very excited about said vision.  So basically we have to weather this storm to get to our sunny skies.

Anyway.  Of course drama and stress and the shit that hits the fan doesn’t travel alone.  So there are other things piled up on this too.  So when everything piled up, and then this morning’s bad thing happened… well, I just couldn’t handle it.  I broke.  I became that crazy emotional girl in the office.

But in all of this, I have to stay positive.  (Or as Nico put it, let it all out and start fresh.)  I’ve got to focus on the good things.  So that’s what I’m going to do…

The good things:

  • I have a mystery package.  Well, I don’t have it.  The Bartender has it.  But it’s mine.  I have a slight guess as to what it is… but the anticipation!
  • The very fact that The Bartender rode all the way to the FedEx office for me to pick up said mystery package due to the fact that I’m gone 14-15 hours every day and they do not deliver on weekends…
  • The fact that The Bartender came over for cuddles on the “uber shit hit the fan” day…
  • My kitties, though crazy, are little bundles of furry love.
  • One of my best friends got married this past weekend.  I couldn’t be happier for her.  (I plan a post covering this whole thing… below might be a preview…)
  • Said best friend (Chrizzle) married a coast guard.  Thus even more coasties at the wedding.  In their dress whites.  ….. …. yeah.*
  • I got to dance, a lot, with one of those coasties.  … … yeah.**
  • (Technically I danced with 3 coasties, but one was the groom… )
  • Due to the location of the wedding city’s lack of taxi services on weekends, I made new friends.  They were kind enough to drive me around, do blue bombs*** with me, and just generally be pretty awesome people.
  • My coworkers, boss, superiors… everyone at work… are pretty freaking amazing.
  • As I was riding home tonight, I looked out the train window just as we were passing a small lake.  There were ducks.  Just floating there.  Then one flipped…. Duck butt.  (Small things, right?)

So what’s your positive?  Big or small…

*It was decided by myself and two of my new female friends that coast guards in dress whites should be required at every wedding… or any formal event… or…
**Before I get any “but what about you and The Bartender??!?!” comments… He knew about the dancing.  We also have an understanding.  If I was using facebook’s statuses, “it’s complicated”…  Anyway.  The Coastie lives in Florida.  And who wouldn’t want to dance with an attractive guy in uniform?
***holy wow. SO MUCH SUGAR.