Enthused: Epic. Yarn.

My wonderful friends at Nintendo surprised me with another great gift:

Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

I’ve never owned any Kirby game before.  In fact, my only interactions with this character where from Super Smash Brothers’ Malee.  So I was pretty excited about trying this game.

First off… Kirby?  Pink marshmallow guy?  Meh, whatever.  But in Epic Yarn… This game is ridiculously adorable.  I kind of want to hug the designers.  I can deal without the story part, but it’s not bad.  And if you really don’t want to listen to the story part, you can skip it.  (Thank you!  That kills so many games for me.)  It’s definitely meant for younger people, but whatevs.  Still cute.

One thing you probably already know… this is a two-player game.  A second person can help you out as King Fluff — an angsty looking blue guy.  Now, the game play itself isn’t really terribly difficult.  But after making it through a few worlds, I feel that you need that second person to find everything throughout the levels.  Otherwise you could spend forever trying to get everything — all the beads, treasures and patches…  Oh.  Awesome tid-bit: You don’t have to completely restart the game just to play co-op.  Before each level it asks if you want 1 or 2 players.  So if you’re friend just wants to join for a little bit, it’s totally possible.

Anyway.  You can transform into various things — cars, robots, alien spaceships…  The bad guys are too hard to kill, but there are a few tricks for not dying.  Lord knows I’ve accidentally walked him into spikes or drowned him a few times already.  (Kirby seems forgiving.)

Yeah, there’s totally a dinosaur level.  WIN.

Besides the fact that it’s adorable, I think I like the game because it’s fun without being too terribly intense.  I can enjoy it without feeling like it’s going to be one of those obsessive things.  This is actually a perfect game for casual gamers — or people who are gone 14-15 hours a day like myself.  (No, I will not stop bringing that fact up.)

So a big thanks to everyone at Nintendo!  Their package couldn’t come at a better time — although I think The Bartender broke a rib picking it up for me… (Bike crash…)  Bonus because Nintendo is just awesome like that?  This adorable little pouch.  It’s just as adorable as the game.

I’m really enjoying it… and looking forward to trying out the co-op.  (Like when Rebekah comes to visit!)

This was a gift from Nintendo.  They didn’t ask me to write about this at all… but it’s too adorable for me to keep to myself.  (That pink controller is something I purchased myself.) #samp