And then. And then. And… yeah. (or: still trying to start over)

That whole starting over thing?  Yeah, when was that every going to you know, start. I feel like I’m trapped in that scene in Dude, Where’s My Car with the Chinese drive through and “And then” and it’s never ending….  (Yes, I’m admitting to have seen this movie.)

Here’s some of it.  A select some of it…

– I’m one month in to my new job.  I love it, but it’s not without its own stresses.  I’m just thankful for great coworkers, steady pay, benefits, and being able to design and be creative all day.

– I’m apartment searching again.  I’ve found a place I’m leaning towards; just have to view it, decide on a unit (since more than one is available) and then sign the lease.  Hopefully all three will happen this weekend.  I’m chronicling my search, what I do with the new place, and all things interior here: Pretty Pretty ‘Partment.  If you know any females in Chicago looking for an apartment, please contact me and I’ll send you the info.

– I’m still in the “I want a puppy” phase, though I know this is realistically not possibly in the slightest… However, I am pleased to announce my “adoption” a (non-existant) pug named Moogs… spawned by a conversation between LiLu and myself.  You can find our pups here: The (non-existant) Adventures of Beau & Moogs.  Expect a Saturday Morning cartoon miniseries soon.

– I’m counting down the days weeks until my doctor’s appointment.  All this crap that started in July?  Yeah, still dealing with it.  I spent most of the weekend on Chris’ couch.  And Chris was very gracious to help take care of me all weekend.  I hate feeling like I’m eating all his food — though neither of us can really afford to eat out — but the man can cook.  (Who is the “Chris”??  I got tired of using “The Bartender” — Chris is his name and it’s what I’m going to be calling him from now on.)  Anyway.  The “tolerable” pain is going through the cycle of becoming intolerable yet again.  Pull out a dime.  That’s the size of the thing I’m dealing with.  And absolutely cannot wait to have surgery to remove and figure out what exactly is causing all of this.

– I’ve pretty much given up on NaNoWriMo.  No energy.  No motivation.  But I still keep notes and such… for this writing project and maybe another graphic one (Script Frenzy in April? Maybe.)

I will be happy when a lot of this stuff I’ve been dealing with is over.  Starting new and fresh isn’t some instantaneous thing.  You don’t just get to turn the page and bam! new story.  Nope, everything is still tainted by the previous chapters.  You’ve just got to get your characters moving through the plot.  I’m pushing forward, slowly and surely.  It feels like I have weights on my feet and a pack twice my size… but I haven’t given up yet.  (Trust me, I’ve wanted to.  When everything is continually telling you that you are a failure — why try?  I can’t let myself believe that, and it’s been an uphill battle.)