Foursquare: or further proof I am indeed a hermit.

Foursquare is old news.  So much so that now there’s Gowalla and even Facebook is in on the location check-in game.  So I have no idea what possessed me to actually sign up and give it a go now.

First, I was intrigued — people actually care where I am?  Celebrity! I can get badges!?! Commence geeking out. But then.. well, I was creeped out.  Total strangers knowing exactly where I am at that given moment.  Hi. Stalker.  … But apparently you can pick and choose which check-in’s to make public.  Friends only for me, please. However, none of that really mattered until recently because I lacked a smart phone.

Well now I’m trying out Foursquare.  And this is just an experiment gone wrong.  Very wrong.  Here I thought I might be some hip happening chick.  Yeah.  No.  I don’t really go anywhere!  Three places really: Work. Home. Chris’.  Occasionally I buy groceries.  Occasionally I go out to eat.  But it’s mainly those three places.  And even when I am out, checking in is completely off my radar.  So when I finally do look at foursquare, I look like some crazy recluse of a hermit.  … Which honestly, doesn’t always feel that far off.

I think I’m going to reserve my checking in for only at places that offer specials or free stuff for doing so.  (Someone, anyone, please get me to a Wow Bao.)

Congratulations! You’ve unlocked the crazy recluse hermit badge!  You’re on the way to earning the Uber Cat Lady badge!  Start collecting those felines now!  Keep collecting everything you come across and you can get the Horder’s Delight badge! — Foursquare.