Every reason NOT to go to work today (or: a tale of doom & woe, part I)

Other than the obvious… here are all the reasons I battled with this morning of why I shouldn’t go to work today, or some other excuse that could possibly keep me from making the 90+ minute commute into work:
  • “Oh no, the Metra took a holiday!”
  • Short term amnesia.
  • My kittens developed a mysterious condition that requires my constant supervision for the next 12 hours.
  • I developed a rare, 24-hour version of the plague.
  • I was abducted by a folk comedy duo from New Zealand.
  • Jesus said no.
  • *cough cough* I’m sick.
  • “You mean today isn’t Thursday?”
  • “Oh no, someone stole my metra card…”
  • Apparently I’m allergic to cubicles.

Sadly, I couldn’t use any of these… as I am currently sitting on the train heading north.  I am indeed going to work today.  Dressed pretty well, if I do say so, for my own funeral.

So to some, this could seem very sudden.  But well, I think I’ve mentioned that there have been some stressful times at my new workplace…  It’s not over.  Those following me on twitter, and my friends on facebook, are a bit more aware of that fact.

We got news of major doom and woe last week — on Friday, not long before we’d all ship off for the weekend.  Well… The Big Bad Wolf was coming and our fates were in his hands.  Nothing is official yet.  But we have another big meeting today.

In part two, I’ll explain what I can.  … but if you know someone who needs a designer, let me know.