not dead, just moderately medicated.

I was all excited about answering the “party” reverb10 prompt.
But then date night happened.
And then getting sick happened.
And then going to the emergency room happened.

I’m, well, “okay”… ish.

It’s the same stuff I’ve been dealing with since July.  The doctors are still saying Endometriosis.  And now we’re being a little more aggressive with treating it, even though I haven’t been officially diagnosed.  So I’m on vicodin.  I’m also on this new birth control which will just stop my cycle for the time being.  My body hasn’t been adjusting to the other birth control and it just isn’t functioning right anyway, so the really nice ER doctor said we’d just stop it from happening.

Doctor’s appointment on Friday.  We’ll see what’s going on — the pain is now present on both sides rather than only on the left…

I still plan on catching up on all the Reverb10 prompts.  But for now, resting, taking my medications, and getting enough fluids and foods is sort of the priority.