#reverb10: wisdom in 1, 2, and 3…

I signed up for this thing called #reverb10. A month full of prompts guided to help me reflect on this past year and focus on goals for the next.

December 10: Wisdom.
What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out? (Author: Susannah Conway)

Let’s choose three.

1) July 27th – Deciding to go to the ER.  Because of this, we found the cyst that has been causing all the severe pain.

2) October? – Deciding not to give up on Chris and I.  Because of this, I’ve had someone who supports and cares for me, without whom I would not have easily made it through these past 5 months.  (Well, it still hasn’t been easy, but I don’t know how I would have done it without him.)  We may, still, not exactly know what we are or where we are going… but I’m very grateful for him and his friendship.

3) December 10 – Deciding to go back to the ER, again.  Because of this, I’m on more agressive medications.  I’m no longer just relying on basic ibuprofen and free samples of birth control — neither of which were helping much.

There are probably a few others I could mention (pushing to hire Josh at the toy store, taking this new job even though it has one hell of a commute, introducing the kittens to a laser pointer)…  But as of this weekend, these sort of stick out.