140 Days: How you can help me achieve a dream

So, what can you do in 140 days? You can send me to school, that’s what you can do.

Last Wednesday I went to visit the Chicago Portfolio School.  I loved it.  I sat in on a class, and was able to not only keep up, but complete the assignment in my head.  (It was an intermediate typography class — and I’ve been itching to attend a typography class for a while now…)  Anyway.  The school was awesome.  As soon as I walked in, I knew this was the place I needed to be.

On Thursday, I received an email stating “Welcome to the Chicago Portfolio School!”  I had been accepted.  I was, and still am, beyond excited.  This is exactly what my life needs right now — a chance to refine my skills and truly prepare myself to be competitive in my field.  To actually become a designer, get a job, and just love life.

Well, all of that comes to a screeching halt.  I can’t get a loan.  I made some mistakes with a credit card back in 2009 — when I quit my job at Northwestern (which I still don’t completely regret — no one should need to take antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication just to function at work).  Since then I’ve been trying to get myself out of that debit.  But having a job with low pay, and that didn’t pay us overtime… that didn’t help.  I was barely breaking even after my living expenses (even if I went without food).  Then I got sick — and well, this whole endometriosis thing isn’t cheap.  I thought my new marketing job was going to make everything better.  It was the bandaid I needed.  Well, all that went down the drain when the company went out of business.  So, despite how hard I’ve tried to get this all fixed, it just hasn’t happened.

So I need help.  I absolutely cannot do this alone.  So in 140 days, you can do just that.  You can help me go to school by giving a financial gift (via edulender).

I definitely believe in paying it forward.  Trust me, your gift will not go unthanked.  I know I’m asking for a lot overall, but this will cover all of my tuition, and hopefully some of my living expenses during the year, as well as allow me to get health insurance.  So not only can I go to school, I can start healing and hopefully get the surgery I’ve been needing.  (So really, you’ll be covering TWO dreams of mine.)

I don’t ask this lightly.  Honestly, I wish I could just get a loan and have everything be easy.  But that’s not the way it is.  I need help.  Plain and simple, in order to accomplish this, I need your help.

140 days from now is my 27th birthday.  Throughout this period, I will be posting various challenges (like needing $500 to secure my spot by April).  All of these will also be posted on the fundraising website.  And I absolutely cannot express how grateful I am of those who are supporting me — financially or otherwise.  If you know of any places that would be able to help me get a loan or a grant, I would really appreciate it.

Donate and receive:
$75 – your choice of 8×10 print.
$150 – a banner/header for your site.
$300 – banner/header and all the other graphics you need
$500 – custom website built on Thesis.
$1K – custom website & 6 8×10 prints of your choice