crushworthy: I’m dancing…

So, most of you know that I’ve got this full-on love affair with Mucca Pazza.  I mean, how can you not love these people?  (Especially if you’ve seen them live.)  However, I’ve got to admit, I’ve got some other musical crushes going on.

And thus I bring you, Crushworthy: I’m dancing (music edition)

Like many crushes, I’ve just got to share these otherwise I might ‘splode.  Also, if you’ve followed along for a while, you’ll know that I’m not one to be quiet about telling my crushes that I like them.  So, hey, crushworthy folks (mp included)… *ahem* yeah, SINGLE.  Just sayin’.

I was introduced to this band from my friend Andy.  This is mostly due to the fact that my friend Andy also happens to be their drummer.  (He also happens to be my drummer too.) However despite that Andy is my friend — and their lead singer Gabe was my first kiss of the new year — Dastardly is still an amazing band.

They’re Americana, with that touch of twangy folk blended with disorder.  I can’t help but want to dance when I hear some of their songs, and I’ve found myself compulsively singing along to most of them.  If I were still working at 91.1 FM The Globe (WGCS), they’d be on air no question.

Their first album, May You Never… is out now, and I highly recommend it.  “Middleground” definitely strikes a tone with me.  However, I’m going to share with you the song that got me hooked, “Exercises in Self Loathing”…

Jon Drake & The Shakes
I remember seeing this band’s name on The Deli’s list of best new Chicago bands of 2010 — Dastardly was on that list, ended up receiving 2nd place.  And then I saw a few things on an acquaintance’s facebook page, eventually finding a link to one of their songs.  Hooked instantly.  Then I make all the connections and realize I know the trombonist (said acquaintance mentioned above).

They’re kind of this folky pop with this great instrumentation.  Cello, violin, trumpet and trombone.  It’s like a minor nerdgasm for me.  AND IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL.  Seriously.  They’ve got a 4-track album you can download, and by “can” I mean must.  Especially since there’s less available from them on the YouTubes.  Which is why I’m just going to share with you part of their concert at the Metro — but seriously.  Go check out their album, it’s FREE.  (This is another band that I’d put on The Globe, no question.)

Those are the two main crushworthy bands for me right now. (After coming off of Arrah & the Ferns and My Gold Mask crushes the past couple years.*)  But I’ve got to say… why has no one told me of Man Man before?  Shame on you!

And of course, I’d lament not sending you here: Marching Banned — help Mucca make a movie! (Yes, I’m still asking for help myself… but yeah, I love Mucca a lot, so if you’d like to help them, please do!  ‘Cause this project is going to be amazing.)

I plan on sharing more “crushworthy” things as time goes on.  It won’t just be musicians and bands and such, it’ll be individuals, organizations and even a few businesses.  But for now… since I’m still hurt over the Man Man thing… Who are your crushworthy musicians and bands?

*Still very much in love with these bands.