a gift far better than chocolate…

People may have their different opinions about Valentine’s Day.  I’m sort of indifferent about it this year; what with not being in Chicago, the whole being single thing doesn’t seem to matter as much.  I have no one, friend or otherwise, I’d be spending the day/evening/whatever with anyway.

However, that still doesn’t completely surpress the romantic in me… or the fact that I love chocolate, and flowers (though not lilies — allergies)…  Getting gifts is always nice, somewhat cheesy pseudo-holiday or not.

This year, as much as I kind of don’t want to suggest something other than chocolates and treats… that’s exactly what I’m going to do…

Now. Yes.  This is me talking about my 140 Days project.  I’ve been awestruck by the generosity I’ve received thus far.  I’ve cried way more times than I thought I would.

But, well… I have more to share with you.  Two projects that I’m supporting morally since I can’t financially — which sucks because I seriously want to.  These are amazing projects by equally amazing people.  Please check them out, and if you’d like, show them some lovin’.

Marching Banned

So Mucca Pazza is making a movie. But not just any movie. A dance movie. The Muccas themselves are this crazy force of creative nature. They can blow your pants off. I am absolutely super duper excited about this film. My heart sank some when I realized it’s not quite in my budget to help. (Cupcake donations count, right?) But you bet your ass that I’ve got my fingers so twisted keeping them crossed for them. I mean, hell yes I want to see this movie too. I absolutely cannot wait for this. But without donations, they can’t share and distribute the film. Which would means a lot of sads for many people — including me.

They’re over half way to their goal. And I’ve gotta say, their “thank you” gifts for donating specific amounts of money are just awesome. Donate here.

Different: an animated tale

This one hits home a little. Not only because I was a child with a horde of imaginary friends — and an imagination that hasn’t died down much since — but because this project is for my beautiful and talented cousin, Saramoira. If you can’t tell from the video… Saramoira is hella creative. Yes, I used “hella”. I sometimes wonder what our combined creativity explode into, but that’s not the point.

The point is supporting dreams. Mine is to go to school so I can refine my skills and hopefully land some awesome design job. Mucca wants to share their awesome movie. Saramoira wants to tackle an impressive animation challenge. And I’m sure you know someone who has a dream you could help fulfill.

… but I mean… if you want to send me chocolate and flowers as well… I mean, I won’t stop you… just saying.