Enthused: let me wow you with my athletic prowess!

Probably the last thing you think when you see me is “athletic prowess”. But I’ll have you know… I played soccer for a full season. Back in seventh grade. And um, yeah, we only won once. But I did surprise my friends in China when we played badminton — apparently my spastic reactions do help some.  And there are at least two touchdowns to my name from my youth group days in high school.  But this has nothing to do with soccer or badminton or parking lot football.

It has everything to do with me apparently dominating on the basketball court.

Thanks to Nintendo, I’m a superstar athlete.  At least virtually.

The ever wonderful folks at Nintendo and Brand About Town invited me, and 29 other ambassador teams, to try out Mario Sports Mix for the Wii.  I was pumped.  And super excited.  And quickly contacted Rebekah to see if she would be my partner.  Sadly though, a trip to visit her was just not in the budget… so I ended up playing solo.   It was just me versus Ilina (of Dirt & Noise) and her husband.

So it was time to practice.

thumb warm ups

Luckily, Nintendo & BAT sent us these awesome sweatbands to get us motivated.  And because, yeah, it was time to kick some butt.

Mario Sports Mix is awesome.  It’s got 4 games — Basketball, volleyball, hockey and dodgeball.  And despite the nervous and tiny middle-schooler in me, I was most excited about dodgeball.  I know, I KNOW.  But at least this time I would actually have balls flying toward me, and I wouldn’t have to rely on cowering in fear in the back until I was inevitably one of the last people standing.  (Why oh why was this my strategy?)  However, Wii dodgeball?  Bring it on.

I tried out the games, realizing that volleyball and hockey weren’t really in the picture for the competition.  In all fairness, I didn’t quite give hockey much of a try.  I blame that on the stage I picked.  Some western junction.  It had a turntable in the middle of the playing area.  Which turned.  AND THEN A TRAIN RAN THROUGH MY GAME.

And volleyball?  I’m going to blame that on playing AGAINST Bowser Jr.  That little guy is a BRAT.  Each player has a special move, and his?  He blobs paint all over the court making you slide around, unable to stand up and get the ball.  But is it oh so awesome when your Mii breaks the screen and gets this killer “oh it’s on” face and does their special move.

So, Ilina, her husband and I decided on Basketball.  I had beaten the computer a couple of times, and was feeling confident.  I even tried playing the computer on “hard”… which well… you can see I barely scraped by playing AI versions of my mom and brother…

Eventually… it was time for the game…

bring it.
bring it.

It was me and Yoshi vs Ilina and her husband!  I’ve got to admit, I was really nervous.  Not only had I not met Ilina before — so I had NO CLUE if she or her husband were avid gamers or not — but I was going to be playing 2-on-1.  But there was no going back now.

action shot! taken during the game.

Well, I think we were all in for a little surprise.  It’s hard to sound humble, or be humble, when you are completely dominating.  (Maybe I’m too used to Rachel COMPLETELY PWNING MY ASS in Mario Kart, that I didn’t realize I was kinda good at this stuff…)  I never thought I would have loved a basketball game so much, and that’s not just because I was winning.   Game play is relatively simple.  I used a nunchuck, but you don’t have to.  It’s a lot of running around, shaking the remote and pressing A.  Or at times, pressing as many random buttons and shaking the Wiimote as much as you can as soon as you are close to the goal.  There still is some strategy.  Setting up combos, passing to your partner (and if you’re playing 1-player, then you can change characters — a very helpful thing).  But yes, there I was… rocking out on the court like I was Lebron or something.

I WON. 56-9.

I’ve got to completely thank Ilina and her husband for a fun night.  Before we could play another game, her boys had the Wiimotes and my 10-year-old sister was itching to play as well.  It was a fun time, and I’m looking forward to meeting Ilina at a future (super awesome) Nintendo event.

I’ve also got to thank Brand About Town and Nintendo for this awesome opportunity.  This game is a lot of fun.  I’m looking forward to more games — so if you want to play, send me your friend code!  I’m curious to see if more than two people can connect online to play (*ahem* Rachel & Jenn)…  But yeah, gotta thank them for the uber fun night… plus, what I am now dubbing my lucky socks:

As a Brand Ambassador, Nintendo & Brand About Town occasionally send me free stuff, like this game.  However, the opinions above are my own and in absolutely no way influenced by either Nintendo or BAT.