a crazy awesome week

This week has been crazy and awesome.  Mostly leaning on the awesome side.

A lot of that is in part to the announcement of the new 20SB Team.  I’d been on the team for a while now, just as one of the community mods.  And now I’ve stepped up and I’m one of the leads for the community mods.  But my little promotion isn’t what’s got me all excited.  It’s the team itself.  These people are awesome.  And crazy.  Crazy awesome.  I cannot wait to get drunk with meet them all.

On top of that, I decided take my Chinese exchange sister out for buffalo wings and go to Chicago for a job interview and date — which is all fodder for its own post.  Oh.  And I saw Chris again.  Which was nice.

But… coming home from the city… that’s when more craziness happened.  As of last night, I’m now working on 4 different design jobs.  3 of which I’m getting paid for.  Granted I suck at this whole “give us an estimate” thing.  Though designing is not new to me, freelancing is.  I don’t want to miss out on money I could be earning — but I also don’t want to seem greedy.  But really, I’m excited and hopeful, because this money is going towards my “move back to Chicago” fund.

I know that despite having three paying gigs, I won’t get the amount of money I need in the time I’d like.  Ideally, I’d like to move next month — which is, what, next week?  Yeah.  But classes start April 4th.  And I’m going to be in Seattle for possibly the week before that.  It would be awesome to be settled before that.  Especially with this whole trying to get a job thing — so much easier when you actually live in the city.

I have no idea what kind or where or how I’m going to find an apartment.  And while I’m hopeful about a job, temp work isn’t a guarantee or anything.  So I’m hoping maybe my dad will step up and help — that’s another issue itself.  But… with so much help from friends and strangers — I’m getting closer and closer to being able to pay for school.  I still have a couple grand to go before my first quarter is paid off, but I can breath easier knowing that I’ve gotten the first month taken care of.  (THANKS.)

One way or another, I will get back to the city.  Hopefully sooner than later.