the adorkable life, or an attempt at it.

I’m reaching that point where I’m itching for change.  However, change can be hard when you’re broke.

I can’t get a new tattoo (it was going to be a 1-UP mushroom from Super Mario Bros.)
I can’t put pink back in my hair (darn you Jenn for pinking up your hair and looking awesome — you make me miss mine!).
I can’t get a puppy.
I can’t even get a pedicure.

However, despite this, I trying not to get too upset with my current situation.  And well, there are some things I can control and change.

This site. While I haven’t changed too much, I did some tweaking.  (If you’re in a reader, click through to see the changes.)  The header got an update — I changed the dino a while ago, but I finally replaced my old tag line.  No longer is it “damn cute. damn awesome. I win.”  Though that’s still true.  It’s now a tiny bit more humble, “a little nerdy. a lot awesome. completely adorkable.”  I also decided to clean up my sidebar a bit more.  Even though that included adding two more social media badges (LinkedIn and Pinterest — which in the just over a month that I’ve been using it, I’m COMPLETELY addicted.  Love this site like crazy!)  I’m still not 100% satisfied with my sidebar, but it’ll do.  Oh.  And I added a Hello Bar up on top.  (I’ve got invites to both Pinterest & Hello Bar if you’re interested.)

Twitter. Decided a while ago to maybe become more anonymous on twitter.  Not much really, but maybe to keep @erinichristine for a more professional purpose and think of an adorkable one for everything else.  Well, though @adorkableme isn’t being used, it’s not available.  So I’ve set up @myadorkablelife.  It’s long, but it’ll do.  So go follow me.  Go on.  I’ll wait.

Church Stuff. I’ve really loved going to the local Friends Meeting here.  It’s about a 25 minute drive, but it’s not too bad.  It’s also a small group that doesn’t have their own church building.  But I don’t mind any of that.  It’s the first church I’ve gone to in a while were it’s just felt like home from the beginning.  And I actually miss it if I can’t go.  So now I finally have a church to attend while I’m at my dad’s.  I try to keep my faith out of here, mainly because I’m not really the preachy type.  But this is something very good for me.  They’re already sad that I might be leaving, but they’re happy about what’s coming up — they’re really supportive of my choice to go to school, and they’ve even suggested a new meeting to attend in Chicago!  And in other Quakerly things… I’m starting to do queries and write down my reflections.  I think I’d like to make myself available to become a clerk or an elder one of these days, so I want to prepare myself for that.

Hair. I’m becoming increasingly more bothered with my hair lately.  I don’t care much for my bangs any more.  Overall, my hair is just not flattering any more.  So I think I might cave and shell out the $11 to get my hair cut.  Probably one of those two styles (found via Pinterest!)  The hardest thing is just dealing with finding a new style that won’t look super awkward because of my bangs.  (So send suggestions and ideas!!)  Granted, the last time I got my hair cut way out here in nowhere Indiana, it looked horrible… so maybe I’ll have to really search for a good yet cheap place to go.