It's March Madness of the non-basketball kind…

These last few days of March are kind of crazy.  Jammed packed and I can’t believe it’s all happening so quickly.  I feel like if I blink it’ll be April.

I spent Monday through Wednesday in Chicago apartment hunting.  It’s not necessarily open season on studios, but I did find one that met pretty much all my requirements (<$600, all utilities included, laundry in building, not too far from train & grocery store, and cat friendly).  Now I’ve spent all day today getting more information for them as well as just generally being crazy nervous waiting for them to call and tell me whether I got the apartment.

Tomorrow, not only is part one of a freelance project supposed to go live, but I’ll be returning to Chicago.  This time it’s for the crazy fun LOUD madness that is Mucca Pazza.  If you’re at the show, you can find me at the merch table again.  I haven’t seen my nerdy friends since their New Years Eve show, so I’m excited to see them play again.  (Not to mention it’s super awesome that Elanor’s letting me crash with her for the night!)

This weekend will be spent packing.  Even though I don’t know if I’ve gotten the apartment yet, I still need to go through all my stuff to see what I can send to my mom’s.  (Giant bag of paper crafts and my knitting supplies, I will miss you.)

Monday through Wednesday my sisters (the ones who won’t be out of state on trips) will be with the folks at my grandparents’ house.  Leaving me the entire house with my kitties.  Yes, I will admit, my butt will be soaking in the last bit of TV I will probably get in a long time.  Plus, I’ve got packing to do because…

Thursday I’ll be flying out to Seattle for an amazing couple of days with some equally Nintendo Enthused peoples.  I’ve never been to Seattle, let alone seen the Nintendo of America headquarters or dreamt that I’d be getting to try out the new 3DS so soon!  (I’m not much for waiting in lines to test them out at a store… but you know I would if not for this trip…)  So I’m getting ready to get my geek on and have got to figure out OMGWHATWILLIWEAR?!?!  I can deal with 50s and raining, but I was sort of hoping this could be an all-dresses trip for me.  But beyond the awesomeness of the 3DS, I’m really excited to see so many amazing bloggers.  After the event, Rebekah and I will be sticking around for an extra day and I’ll finally get to catch up with Mennogirl (and meet her new boyfriend!).  It’s hilarious that she lives so close, yet it takes a trip to Seattle for us to hang out.  (Oh, and on Friday the 1st, part two of my freelance project needs to go live…)

And then, after returning home (hopefully to my new studio in Chicago), I’ll be all set to begin classes on Monday, April 4th at the Chicago Portfolio School.

So there is some breathing room in there, but it really doesn’t feel like it.  So, how’s the end of the month look for you?  (And if you’re following the NCAA tournament, who are you rooting for?)