and then things got better…

Well, so much for that boo-hoo fest earlier.  I mean, yes, I had reason, but yeah.  Maaaaybe I should have just bit my tongue for a day.  Anyway.  I don’t regret worrying, or broadcasting the fact that I was worrying (or, well, completely freaking out).

So.  Yeah.  Good news.  I GOT AN APARTMENT.

It’s not the apartment, but it’s a place to live!  The landlord, thanks to some killer leasing agency members, knew that I really wanted this place — and that more than wanting it, I needed a place in Chicago.  So, the landlord offered me a one bedroom apartment for a discount, which made it just a little more than the studio I was looking at… In fact, the rent for this is at the very top of my budget for rent + utilities + internet.  It doesn’t include electric, and I’d still have to get internet.. but I took it.

The kitties and I now have a home that: is bigger than I thought I’d ever get, has a bedroom!, isn’t too far from the train to get me to school, is in an area where I can probably pick up a part time job or two (which I am going to do), and all I have to do is go to the end of the block and BAM! Beach.

Now, since this is at the top of my budget, and well, a little over once I add in my electric bill… I’m going to need to make some sacrifices.  My mom is going to look into adding my cell phone to her account for a family plan.  I’m also going to cancel netflix for the time being.  And… I might not get internet at home for a bit until I get everything else sorted.  Packed lunches for school.  Probably more ramen than I’d ever like to consume.  I’m going to get crazy serious about budgeting.

Today also tops off in the fact that I finally got something in the mail I’ve been waiting weeks for.  … and, of course… SEATTLE TOMORROW!

Thanks for all the happy thoughts and IMs and such over the past few days… They’ve helped me a lot.