and the nerdiness continues: how the 3DS blew my mind

Okay, so the Nintendo 3DS event was amazing.  Getting to see friends that I’ve missed and meet a TON of seriously awesome other Brand Ambassadors totally made the trip for me.  (Read more here.)  Icing on the cake: a complete mass of nerdiness. The Nintendo 3DS is absolutely incredible.

look how cute I am in Mii form!

One of my favorite commercials for the 3DS?  This one:

This? It’s a game changer, and quite literally.  I was very interested in just how this would work.  It’s 3D without glasses.  That’s huge.  I hate 3D glasses — there has never in the history of ever been a pair that has played nice with real prescription glasses.  Thus, watching movies in 3D is not my first pick.  Playing the 3DS was quite awesome.  (I’m going to run out of positive adjectives soon…)  It really is 3D without glasses.  Games and pictures — yes, you can take pictures — in 3D.

The best way to experience this is the AR Games.  AR is Augmented Reality.  It brings the 3D games into your world.  Those cards you see in the commercial, point the 3D cameras at them and BAM, you’re playing in your world.  The same with the Face Raders game — and both of these are included.  Between this and Street Pass, you can keep yourself entertained for a while without actually purchasing another game.  Street Pass was a favorite for us Ambassadors.  As you pass someone with a 3DS, if you have this activated, you collect their Mii, which will in turn you can collect puzzle pieces as well as play a game called Find Mii.  In this game, you’re the ruler of your kingdom — which, thank you Nintendo for recognizing my royalty — but you’re trapped in a cage.  You need heros — other Miis — to set you free from the ghosts.

As I mentioned, Street Pass only works when you have it activated.  This is something really awesome with the 3DS; it has built in parental controls.  You set the passcode and you can block the ability to share and receive information from other 3DS’.  Also, you can control your little one’s ability to use the 3DS.  You can control the amount of 3DS with the depth slider on the right side of the top screen, but with the parental controls you can just turn it off.  Now, why do this?  Well viewing 3D images is not recommended for children under 6.  But with all these controls, Nintendo is putting the ball in your court.  Do your own research and decide what’s best for your kids.  That’s the only way to do it.

Now, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get a new game since we were getting a gift card.  Originally, I heard good things about Pilot Wings.  So I was really tempted to get this.  By the time I got to the store, I’d only done half of the game demos — so I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted.  But in the end, I went with Combat of Giants – Dinosaurs 3D.

Rini picking a Dinosaur game? Never…. Yeah, hard to pass this one up.  I’ve read a little bit about it and even asked some of the Nintendo employees about it.  At the point of where I was when we shopped, of the games I’d tried I really liked Street Fighter IV and Steel Diver.  But I wasn’t sure I’d dedicate hours to them.  And after trying Pilot Wings, I’m glad I went with this game instead.  Pilot Wings is still fun and challenging, but just not quite my scene.  With this game I’m able to get the SMASH & KILL that I enjoy as well as OMG DINOSAURS.

It’s not an overly complicated game.  A tyrant dinosaur has overtaken the world as an evil overlord, you must defeat him and his minions.  You have a variety of dinos to pick from, and yes, you can customize them.  I haven’t unlocked it just yet, but trust me, I will be playing with a pink t-rex very soon.  You name your giant, you customize how it looks (including making it a skeleton), you equip it with various tools and resources.  As you roam around you come across the minions you’ve got to destroy.  It’s not “memorize all these combos” strategy, but there is strategy to defeat your opponent.  But, in saying that, it’s a game that I can indeed spend hours on, or I can step back and just play casually.  It’s just what I want in a game.  (Video trailer here.)

Now, after a while, my eyes do tire.  As one employee from Nintendo put it, it’s like wearing new glasses, your eyes need to adjust.  But overall, I’m absolutely sold on this device.  It’s going to push other game makers to take big steps too.  Hell, this will make all technology and gadgets have to step up.  But in saying that…  I don’t know how responsible it would be to make a 3D TV with technology like the 3DS unless there’s a lot more education about it out there.  (Basically, I’m saying it might be risky letting people watch 3D images for that long, because let’s face it, people will — at the same time, what’s stopping us from doing that with the 3DS?)  … either way, whatever.  I love my 3DS and that’s that.  I’m a little sad that NO ONE in Chicago that I’ve been near has one so I can collect more Miis in Street Pass.  Go out and get one now so we can play.  Please and thanks.

Enough of me rambling.  Go out and try one for yourself.  It’s freaking amazing.

While Nintendo and Brand About Town did pay for my flight and hotel out to Seattle, and I did receive the Nintendo 3DS as a gift, and a gift card for the store… I was in no way paid to write about it.  These opinions are purely my own.