hello student life

Getting to Chicago was a whirlwind of an experience.  I was denied the first apartment I applied for, and well, then I got a call that the landlord was looking at another applicant for the second apartment I applied for.  I think we all remember that freak out.  But then the landlord called and offered me a one bedroom for not much more than the studio I’d applied for — so I said YES.  The next day I was in Seattle.

I returned, school started… after the first week of classes we moved all my stuff into my apartment (that I’d not seen before signing the lease).  Then more classes.  It’s been classes, classes, classes.  When I’m not in classes, I’m doing homework, or thinking about homework.  … Or trying to sleep.

It’s been crazy, but I’ve got to tell you, I love it.  It’s been keeping me really busy too.  I’ve got eight assignments due by Wednesday.  Some of these are more complicated and involved than others.  But of those eight, only one of them is done.  (And even that one I’d like to have someone look over before I email it off to the instructor.)

I’m taking Concept Basics (now renamed Story Telling), Branding, Type Basics, Design Fundamentals, and Basic Logos.  I was supposed to take a Digital Bootcamp on Print media, but it’s not included in tuition (so it’s an extra $300 each quarter) and well, I feel fairly confident in Creative Suite.  I could use some brushing up, but not 11 weeks at $300.

For this first quarter, it’s a lot about getting the basics and figuring things out.  Like, holy crap I need to get my ass in gear.  It’s going to be intense and I’m going to have to be okay with rejection — oh hey thanks dating, you’ve made it a little easier… sort of.  Apparently it’s pretty common in the first quart to feel overwhelmed.  But it’s overwhelmed in a good way.  It’s got me excited.  It helps that I enjoy my classmates.  I know I won’t be BFFs with all of them, but at least I tolerate them all.  And um, well, there’s a handful of pretty there too — and I’m not just talking the design on the walls (though there’s pretty there too)…  Yeah.  Might get a little distracted at times.  BOYS.

But anyway.  School’s been great.  It’s keeping me busy and I’m excited about leaving this place in a year as a better designer.  And I’m even going to take extra classes because over the past few days I decided that I want to have a dual focus and will be taking as many Art Directing courses as possible around my design schedule.  Might be crazy, but I’m going to do it.  Still nervous about tuition.  But not a day goes by when I don’t think about those who’ve helped me get here.  (Still time to help if you can!)