body image, staying active, and how my Wii Fit can sometimes be a jerk.

After living in Indiana for three months, and well, basically sitting on my ass for three months… I’ve found that I’m not in the shape I once was.  Well… I wasn’t necessarily in the best shape before moving home.  But I was walking a lot — if it was 3 miles or under, and the weather wasn’t sucking, then I’d walk.  (And, well, if time wasn’t an issue.)

Okay, so maybe I can attribute it to being sick — that whole in and out of the hospital for six months — as well as sitting on my ass for three months hasn’t really helped my condition.  So it’s been about 9 months of not feeling all that attractive*.

Now that I’m back in my beloved city of Chicago, I have indeed been walking a lot more.  And all the stairs for the train.  Which I’ve learned I should eat some breakfast before going to school because by the time I get out from the train station in River North, I’m a bit light headed and weak.  But well.  I’m still working on feeling good about myself.

Part of that is continuing to be active.  As active as someone who needs to sit behind a computer and sketch books for hours each day can be.  I’m also attempting to make friends with my Wii Fit Plus.  It’s sort of hard when each time I get on that thing the little bastard tells me I’m overweight.  (I’m still wearing the same size jeans as I wore in high school, but still the number on the scale has gone up a little.)  If you’ve seen me in person, you’ll know I’m not overweight.  I’m not a twig, and there are days when my endo makes me all bloaty, but overweight is a stretch still.

As long as I ignore that little Wii Fit Plus balance board twerp, I think I’ll be fine.  The routines get a little monotonous — I’ve found that I basically only stick with the advance hula hoop and advanced step, and rhythm kung fu from time to time as well.  But I’m keeping my eye out for sales, and I think I might try to get a used copy of Just Dance 2.  I think being able to switch between a couple really active games will help me out.

Soon it’ll be nice and warm and you know, actually feel like spring — so I’m going to take advantage of living so close to the lake and go for nice long walks.  Who knows, maybe I might start jogging.  Or get a bike!  Or maybe I’ll take a page out of Rebekah‘s book and join a super awesome sports team.  (When the hell would I have time for that!?)  The point is, after too many months of not feeling pretty, I’m saying fuck that.

*It wasn’t an every day thing, but yeah, that sentiment stuck with me.  And I’ve still got to thank Chris and all my blogging friends for being such an amazing support network for me.