worth the risk: things every guy should read

I’m terribly behind in my reader, and have been for more than a month. However, when I peaked in this morning, I found this awesome guest post on Ashalah‘s blog: When Love Throws Up (Or how to know he’s the right guy for you). It’s by Peter DeWolf, who I sadly have to admit that I don’t already follow (FIXED).

By number one on his list I was shouting THIS., which continued as I read through. THIS. THIS. OMG THIS. I highly recommend reading the post. Especially if you’re a boy. Because then you’d know how you’re supposed to treat us. (Which, yes, Peter actually wrote a whole post on his own blog about how to treat a woman, which men, you should also read. Now. I’ll wait.)

Then I got to number 11… it was the part written  by Peter’s own girlfriend, Ashley… “You’re never left wondering if he likes you.”  It goes hand and hand with the how to treat a woman post’s number one: “If you like a girl, LIKE the girl. Make sure she knows. Tell her that you like her. If it was me, I’d say something like, “Hey. I like you.” I’m creative like that.” For the past I have no idea how long, I’ve followed that rule. I’ve made sure the guy knew. I’ve made first moves. I’m the one who took the risk.

But you know, I’m thinking of tossing in the towel. I thought I was being clever, a strong, forward female. Maybe I was. But at the end of the day, I’m tired of throwing myself out there and not having a guy be as excited about me as I am him.

I’m trying to tell myself it’s because I need to focus on school, but I won’t always be in school. It’s more of a matter that I’m tired of being hurt. Of being rejected. Of whatever excuse a guy has for not dating me. I’m not looking for the next one to be the last one. I’m just looking for one to show an interest — keyword show. But guys, I’ve stepped up. I’ve shown the interest. It’s your turn. There’s always that risk that she might say no. But it’s the same damn risk I’ve made too. You don’t have to make grand leaps from the beginning, just show her you’re interested. Honestly, isn’t she worth it?

I’m freaking amazing, and I deserve awesome. I’m worth it. Take the risk.

Seriously. Read both of those posts. Now. You can thank Peter after I’m done thanking you.