that time I was in a film…

Over the past two weekends, I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with my favorite nerds, Mucca Pazza. They’ve teamed up with a director (Danièle Wilmouth) and a choreographer (Peter Carpenter) to make a dance film: Marching Banned. And as I’ve previously mentioned, they invited me to be a part of it. As an extra.

The life of an extra isn’t all that glorious. Hell, life on set really isn’t. A lot of sitting and waiting (for me) and a lot of again and again and again (for everyone). When you are being used, you have to stay perfectly still. All while the craziness that is Mucca Pazza is happening around you. As an extra, we’d show up for 4 or 8 hours at a time. The band was there for generally for 13 hours. The crew even longer. But the fact that I was spending all that time not only watching an amazingly talented group of people, I was spending all that time with my friends. So I had a blast! (Even with one call time of 1:30am… getting dismissed at 7-ish, but not leaving until 9:30a when the band was packing up the bus…) I also met some really awesome people, other extras and crew members, that I’m hoping to keep in touch with.

Sadly, I can’t show you any pictures. Granted, a lot of spectators from yesterday’s location took a lot of pictures. (But at my first shoot, the director said, to another extra taking pictures, “please, please, please don’t post them.” So, I’m holding to that until the film’s released. And anyway, I only have, like, 5 photos… I’ll probably just point you to Susie’s site.)

Supposing they don’t get cut in editing, I’ll be in two scenes. One with Muccas, one without. I’ll just have to wait until this fall when the film might be finished.

However. I can show you something Mucca related I’m working on. It’s from an event poster for my branding class. I’ll post the whole thing after I present it in class (tomorrow)… or after I figure out if it’s finished. Anyway. Here’s a terribly pixilated, crap resolution clip of it:


In other news.. exactly two weeks until my birthday!