20SB Vlog Day

So technically yesterday was the 20SB Vlog Day, but with everything going on with school and AIGA, I couldn’t get a video done by then. Granted, even today I’m not doing so well — I’m just exhausted. There’s one last week of this quarter, one final class for each course. So hard to believe, but it means I have a lot to do and not much time to do it.

But in between these nap attacks that have sort of taken over my day — if I wasn’t so exhausted I’d fight back — I was able to get this little 3 minute Vlog out…

In the wake of a design hangover, that’s what you get.

Oh, and I guess things I didn’t expound on because hey, I didn’t say a damn thing…

  • I’m 26. Only for the next couple days.
  • I’m from Chicago (I think I’ve lived here log enough to say that? probably not, I’m “from” Indiana, but dude, Chicago is my home).
  • For those who don’t know, 20SB (Twenty-Something Bloggers) is this awesome and MASSIVE community of personal bloggers, majority of whom are in their twenties… (you have to be 20 to join, but we don’t kick you out once you’re 30…) But yeah… there’s almost 18,000 members worldwide now. And I’m slacking on my Community Mod Lead job.
  • I go to school at the Chicago Portfolio School.
  • Here’s the link for my portfolio blog (one you can actually click).
  • I actually have a shark tattoo… and sleep with a stuffed hammerhead. (What?)
  • I’m a Nintendo Brand Ambassador.  It’s awesome. I love Brand About Town and Nintendo.
  • I forgot to wear my dino costume hat… which is basically a dino head. Sorry. Next time. Just for Nico.
  • That pop-up book I made needs fixing because the Yes! Paste acted crazy.
  • Okay, so it’s a bell-front, but it’s still a euphonium. Some might call it a baritone, but I did the measurements. (The difference is conical vs cylindrical — euphoniums have conical tubing, it gradually increases in size throughout the horn.)
  • Nerdy girls are awesome. Seriously dudes, you’re missing out.

If you’re new here, whether I already know you or not, say hi! Introduce yourself — share the link to your 20SB Vlog Day post, or just leave a little comment. I’ve had fun watching the other videos so far, and will hopefully be a good blogger and say hi to the new (to me) people.