all happening so fast

So hey. I’m 27.

Why did that seems easier prior to Monday? Now that it’s a reality, it’s all like “WHOA, hold on, wait. I’m 27? That’s not right.”

I’m not going to get into the mess that was this weekend. Not yet. There’s bigger, happier, and just not sucky things happening. Plus I just don’t want to get into it. So. There. Yeah. (Blog post?)

In four hours, I will be starting the last class of the quarter. It was my most intense class, with the instructor who pushed us the hardest. She also seemed to forget that we have a moderately big course load as it is, and the whole adjusting to everything bit, and would load us up with an insane amount of homework that each individual assignment was equally daunting in it’s complexity/time commitment.  We only had two assignments due today — which really means they were due by email last night. An infographic on our life, and to story board out an entire song (of her choice) showing how we’d animate the text (motion graphics, woo).

The end of the quarter is mildly bittersweet. Mostly because it’s hard to believe it happened. And so quickly. But it’s also a welcomed relief. I love school. But I’m ready to rest just for a bit. Maybe finish unpacking. But I have 3 weeks without class. Notice: without class. Yes, I still have school work during break. We got our creative brief yesterday for our Royal Rumble — a contest that puts us in teams to pitch ideas to actual agency creative directors. You win, you get cash and your idea (or part of it) will get pitched on your behalf to the client.  This break? It’s an international client. One that EVERYONE knows. And if your idea gets picked up, you get to be a part of the team that produces it. It’s a crazy amazing opportunity.

Besides this hugely awesome opportunity, this is how I plan on spending my three week break:

  • Sleeping. (duh)
  • Applying for medicaid. One of the factors that made this weekend not so great was that my endo was acting up — which means I’m in pain again. And last night was the worse. So much pain you’re going to vomit? That was where I was. Not crying in pain though, but not far from it.
  • Sketching. I really need to practice my hand skills. (Yes, that is apparently an industry term. Love it. Hand skills.) So for at least one day a week, I want to go outside and spend preferably 2 hours drawing. This will be a mix of just drawing things and working on my lettering.
  • Nerding it up. It’s summer concert season, and I’m picking up my role of “merch girl” for Mucca. During break I’ll be working 4 shows for them — Evanston, Louisville, and two shows in Nashville.
  • Revising assignments so I can do them over again. Yes. I’m going to spend part of break, hopefully, fixing mistakes and pushing things further and you know, making improvements.
  • Try to get a job/internship. Yep.

And you know… for three weeks, that’s as far as I’m going to push it. If I can arrange a visit home, that’d be awesome. But the above mentioned things are going to take over. Not that my family isn’t important, I just need to keep focused on my craft.

Three weeks. That’s all I really get for a “summer”… I’ll take it. (Because honestly, I’m looking forward to taking book design and retail systems, and well, all of the classes I have next quarter.)  What are your exciting plans for the summer?