I survived!

First quarter! First end of quarter review! first end of quarter party! DONE!

My review went well. Completely less scary than I thought. Maria and Jeff — the school’s director and founder — were really great. We went through a selection of my work, and then they let me know what were my stronger pieces I should continue to push for my book. Then we talked about how I’m branding myself. And like many things, they like what I’m doing, I just need to push it further.  (So with that, you’ll see some changes here — you may have noticed some things becoming password protected already. I’m going through 460 posts, not necessarily censoring, but tightening up my online presence.*)

Anyway. The party was much needed. Have I mentioned I love my classmates? We’re a diverse group of people, but we get that, and we’re all cool with each other. (Most of us. I may have spent part of the night finally expressing how hurt I was by a friend’s actions. It was good to get that out.) But yes. It was a good night. Got to love free comedy (4th Quarter students put on a stand up routine), free drinks, and good friends.

So now my break has officially started! Kicking it off with the Jon Drake & The Shakes concert on Wednesday, then end of quarter party, and then last night a belated birthday lunch with Jennie, and belated birthday dinner with some of the Muccas.  And break’s only going to get better. Remember my list of things I’ll be doing during break? Well, add to that the HOW Design Live Conference. Jennie and I volunteered to help with the set up, and thus were comp’d student tickets! That’s a $600 value! We’re both pretty ecstatic about going — we geeked out this morning talking about it. I can’t wait!

These three weeks are going to be crazy. Luckily just a bit less crazy than when school is in session.

*This site is going to see some changes. Instead of keeping my design life separate from my blog life, I’m going to attempt to integrate them. This does mean that some of my really personal posts are.. well, I’m going to password protect them. I am in no means ashamed of them or who I am. It’s just part of finding the right balance. I don’t think anyone has the answers on how to do this properly; there’s not right or wrong way to do this. I just have to find what’s right for me. And right now, that’s not stretching out and separating my personal branding. (The password is pretty easy, and feel free to send me a message on twitter if you want it. Like I said, I’m not trying to hide it or who I am.)