as my niece would say, "I'm gonna kick yer butt!" (a Nintendo Enthused review)

A while ago I received a message from one of my sisters,”hey, there’s a package here for you…” And a week or so later, my dad was in the city with said package in hand. Another awesome surprise from my friends at Nintendo and Brand About Town — Super Street Fighter IV 3D, Steeldiver, and Asphalt 3D. I wanted to spend some time playing these games before I posted any thoughts on them… and so now, this is a review post a long time in the making.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D – I remember playing Street Fighter on the SNES and in the arcade. (Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat were the first two fighting games I played.) 

I love this game. There’s something about “smash and kill” games that you just need some times. The graphics are by far my favorite of all the 3D games.

I think the only thing I don’t like is how easy it is to use special combos. Just tap the screen and BAM. Quite literally. But I’m sure the 8 year old I met playing this on the train appreciates this — he can now keep up with his older brother!

Steeldiver – There was a lot of talk before the 3DS came out about how a game about a submarine would be so lame. Jokes on those suckers! This was one of my favorites from the Seattle Trip. 

I do recommend getting a spinny chair for playing this game. And maybe putting a lot of pillows on the floor. This was the only game that made me dizzy, and that’s only because I have vertigo.

I wish I was better at Steel Commander. It’s one of the mini games that reminds me of battleship. However, the AI always beats me. Probably good I never, ever, considered a career in the navy.

Asphalt 3D – Racing game! This completely reminds me of all the traditional racing games I grew up watching my brother play. Now, that’d be my one complaint — it seems like every other racing game.  Doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. Or that I’m determined to master it so when I let my brother try it, he’ll never beat my records! 

There’s different game modes, but mostly right now I’m just working on free racing or career mode (when I’m feeling bold). Not to mention, the better I get, the cooler cars I unlock.

Now, of course, I’m mentioned before and you can’t forget the built-in titles: Face Raiders, AR Games, and StreetPass. Those three games are definitely, well, a bit more boy-oriented. Fighting, bombing, fast cars… but hey, this girl loves them. And really, the thing I like the best is that this is Nintendo, Capcom, and Ubisoft showing off what they can do with 3D. There’s only more awesome things to come — Zelda, MarioKart 3D, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Kid Icarus… too many to really name.

Next time you see me, ask me about my 3D… and which games I can kick your butt in.

*As a Brand Ambassador, I received these games for free from Nintendo and Brand About Town. I’m not compensated for this review, and all thoughts are my own and by not means influenced by anyone.