an open letter to my future employer

So you may be wondering, who is this girl with a kind of unusual name — yes, with multiple accepted pronunciations — and a varied background… Well, I’m the quirky girl in the photo on the right. I’m the girl, scratch that, woman who describes herself as a designer, a writer and a rock star.

I like sharks. And dinosaurs. I collect notebooks and sharpies and gel pens — and go through them just as fast. I play video games, and am in love with Nintendo as a gaming platform and more-so as a brand. I would adopt the zoo if I could, but I’ve more than got my hands full with two cats named Tuija and Kaija. I love planning things — creating things. I probably over use ellipses and m-dashes. I don’t drink beer. And I love the internet.

And obviously, I blog.

This, Adorkable Me… this is a personal blog. It might not be like what you know as blogs. However, maybe you’ve heard of Heather Armstrong, aka Dooce. She’s a personal blogger. And she also lost her job because of it. (Granted, that didn’t stop her from becoming an internet superstar.) I’m not Dooce though. I’m Erini. And I’m all those things I wrote above and so much more.

I’m dedicated and passionate. Pushing my design career is a dream of mine, but there were hurdles getting into school. It’s why I’m seeking internships and sponsorships. I didn’t give up on that. And even though I get frustrated because I’m not at the level I want to be, I’m not going to quit. I love design. It’s the thrill in challenge. Each new design is like a puzzle, and figuring them out, tweaking anchor points, and probably getting too close to my computer screen, it’s all part of the joy.

But, back to the blog. This is a personal blog. This is about my life, the good and bad. It’s about school, and trying to find a job, and nerdy things like video games, and stupid things my cats have done, and my attempts at dating and relationships. The keyword is personal. I follow what I consider the golden rule of the internet: if you publish it, it’s completely public — anyone can read it. So if I can’t accept that anyone on the internet has access to what I’m writing, whether that’s my friends, classmates, family (hi Aunt Deb & Uncle Chuck!), or even future/current employers. Trust that I do know the boundaries.

You’re giving me a great opportunity, so that makes you pretty great in my books. Thank you.

-Erini CS