I'm happy.

So much has happened, yet I can hardly think of one word to say.

Despite life being far from easy right now, I’m happy. I still don’t have a job. I’m out of my endo medicine (and can’t get more without seeing my doctor, something I can’t afford*). I don’t know what’s going to happen next. Oh, I also have a killer sun burn.

But overall I’m happy.

I’m in school. I’m in Chicago again. I’m making good memories with my classmates. I’m getting to spend time with the Muccas again. I’m creating again. And I’m with my cats. Life might not be great, things could change — but it’s not terrible. And I’ll say it again: I’m happy.

I’m trying to eat better. Fruits and veggies. Traded in my ice cream and cookies for pretzels and almonds. I’m not going to become a health nut, but just trying to make some steps to help my body. I’ve already cut out all caffeine except chocolate and tea. I’d say I’ve cut back on drinking, but well, I never drank that much anyway. (I don’t really care for beer and I’d rather use my money on other things than to buy the stuff I do like: ciders, rum, whiskey…) A lot of this was sparked after I found out I’d be off my endo medication for a while. Decided that despite having this, I can still be fairly normal.

Now if only I had an attractive guy to help me with my aloe, and maybe to make out with a little bit… I’d be all set.**

*The doctor won’t refill my prescription without a visit first, which even if he doesn’t require the ultrasounds, I still can’t afford it. So I’m basically going to wait it out until I end up back in the ER. Sucks that this is what it’s come to. Eventually I’ll apply for medicaid. I keep talking about it, but never actually do it.
**What? A girl can wish, right?