I made a list of things last night so I’d hopefully not forget anything. Check the weather in various citys not too long ago just to see if I might need a sweater, or more likely, an umbrella. I’ve made copies of my keys, and arrangements for the cats.

Tomorrow morning at 9am I’m shipping out on a bus full of nerds.

by CB Lindsey

Mucca’s going on tour tomorrow, and as their merch girl, I’m joining them.

Packing for such a trip isn’t too hard. Comfortable clothes for travel — I’ll either be in one their cars or on the bus. Things to entertain myself with — my 3DS, notebooks, ipod. Comfortable, yet hopefully cute clothes to wear to the shows — I’ve got to be able to bend a lot and lug big bins of stuff. Snacks for the trip, and maybe some PB sammies since I might be allergic to one of the provided meals.

Though I’m on the trip to “work”, I’m pretty excited. I love hanging out with the Muccas, and I love hearing them play. I mean, if you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you already know I love Mucca Pazza. I’ve got a massive crush on the entire band. But it’s more than that. These people are my friends and working the shows is one of the few times I get to hang out with them.

I’ve had fun on break. All the design stuff and hanging out with friends, and pretending like I haven’t gone to Chick-fil-A as many times as I have… (They put crack in that chicken.) But this trip with Mucca? Yeah, I’ve been looking forward to it for a bit now.

Can you blame me? Four days with sexy band nerds.

For those of you in Louisville, Murfreesboro, and Nashville… come check us out! Be sure to stop by the merch table and say hi.