and then I decided to cut off all my hair, for reals.

Okay. So I’m not doing a Sinead O’Connor thing… Or hell, even a Deb from Empire Records thing. I’m not bald. Or buzzed. But I do have a whole lot less hair than I did at this time last week.

I’d been talking about “cutting off all my hair” for possibly about a month… I don’t know. As soon as this heat hit, I was like “screw this mess”.

If you don’t know Rachelskirts, then well, you probably aren’t aware of how she’s been rocking the short hair. I love her hair. It’s awesome. And the whole wanting no hair and seeing how great she looks, well, it’s not hard to see where I’m going next…

After a good handfuls of OMG YES DO IT responses… well, I took myself up to a beauty school up in Evanston and got myself a hair cut!

Two hours and $5 later… No more hair!
… now I just gotta figure out how to style it…