wherein life kicks my ass.

Things have been kind of crazy for me lately. I mean, more-so than the normal “OMG SO MUCH DESIGN WORK” stuff.

There were two long weekend, out-of-state tours with Mucca. Chicago Tour de Fat. Royal Rumble. And of course, school and it’s overload of work. Those were the good things. Which means that there were not so good things.

Earlier in July I ran out of my endo medicine. Yes, that’s fancy talk for birth control. But I wasn’t on some basic pill. Those didn’t work at all. In fact, the last one made my cycle worse. So they put me on this small pill that I only take half of every day. Boom. No more cycle. Pain decreased by about 80-90%. There are still little surprise attacks of pain, but a lot of the earlier ones were because I hadn’t pretty much eliminated caffeine from my diet.* Life was good and I was getting back to being as close to normal as I ever was.

The Pharmacy said I needed to call my doctor for a refill. The doctor’s office said “sure, no problem.” So the Pharmacy requested the refill. Then the Pharmacy called and said the doctor refused the refill. I called the doctor and the doctor said “not without a visit.” Since I don’t have insurance, it’s about $150 to see my doctor. It’d been since about December or November since they did any scans, so it’d be another minimum of $325 for the ultrasounds–due up front. Long story not-so-short, I said fuck it and waited until I needed to go to the ER.

Only, well, after being in the ER for over 8 hours a week ago Monday, still no pills. I explained my situation to the nurse, who went out to talk to the attending doctor. “She’s not getting it.” Really? The doctor who originally prescribed the pill to me was an ER doctor. He was obviously a lot nicer, more sympathetic (and well, cuter). They refer me to a clinic in the hospital. I go. It’s pretty much all med students. Family Practice Center: Now with more awkward! But they at least didn’t do another set of ultrasounds (the ER did them that night) or another pelvic exam. (If they did, I can guarantee that it would tie for the most awkward/uncomfortable pelvic exam I’ve ever had.) I do, however, now have my medications. And thanks to Dr. Awkward’s misreading, instead of a 6-month prescription, I’ve got a full year.

However, life’s still not done with this whole ass kicking thing. I’ve been sleeping terribly this past week or so. Waking up with the worse neck pain. And now I’ve developed a cough. Pretty sure I won’t have a voice before the end of the day. I’m just exhausted and I’ve got way too much work to do for class tonight. I’m going to do what I can, and maybe leave early so I can get some proper rest.

All I know is that life just never stops. Normally I’m okay with this, but I feel like this quarter I just can’t catch up. More things just keep piling up–there’s a design event and a John Drake & The Shakes concert tomorrow, then next weekend a Mucca show in town I’m working AND the 20SB Summit which I’m also working… I’m also still attempting this whole social life thing. (Oh, yeah, I went on a date a few weeks ago. Nice guy, just not feeling it. Back to searching.)

Seriously. Life should come with a personal masseuse/masseur.

*I still eat chocolate, and drink teas (and hot chocolate)… I’m just careful about the amounts. But yes. No soda or coffee for me. And yes. It sucks. No, I don’t know how I’m surviving. (Seriously, I’d love some fancy froo-froo coffee latte thing right now.) This suckiness is right up there with the no drinking beer thing–apparently we think it’s the hops that bothers me.