awesomeness overload: concerts, free stuff, summits, and VEDA.

So. Life? Hectic. I think we’ve got that.

I’ve been sick all week with some sort of cold-bronchitis thing* that’s been going around school. It’s meant crazy coughing fits and a raspy voice. Sexy, right? And of course, there’s the never ending work load from school on top of it. (Who got 80 logo sketches, color palette, 4 mood boards, 4 wrapping papers, 5 mocked up bag designs that I hand built, and 5 mocked up can labels all done for Thursday’s class? Oh yeah. Me. Were they perfect? No where close. But they were done. Next week I have 90 logos, 15 mocked up pieces, and a revised color palette… and that’s just one class.)

Anyway. This is all about previewing good news, as well as sharing some highlights of awesomeness.

Awesomeness that has happened:
  • I had maybe my best week in my typography class (even outside of finishing my absurd crazy “use a word repeated to create an image of an actual heart” piece.)  My instructor (whom I love) said one of my layouts was possibly one of his favorite pieces he’s seen that day, that it reminded him of something from McSweeney’s. Given that I struggled so. freaking. much. in typography last quarter, this was amazing for me.
  • I’m crossing off something from my life list. It has two wheels and is very pretty. (post coming soon)
  • I won a blog contest!** And then I get a tweet from the company of the product I won saying they’ll send me a second one! (post coming soon)
Awesomeness to come:
  • I’m getting a job at school starting next quarter which will take a chunk out of my tuition balance. (Still gotta get another job to pay rent/buy food.)
  • Mig Reyes is speaking at school on Friday. He’s amazing. He works for Threadless, is a former instructor at CPS (I hope he comes back so I can attend at least ONE class with him), and an awesome designer. If you’re in Chicago I suggest coming. It’s free and will be great–I saw him speak at HOW Design Live this year, and immediately told our school director he should do the same at school. And so he is. This Friday, August 19th at 5:30pm at the Chicago Portfolio School Annex (25 w Hubbard, 2nd Floor). Be there.
  • The 20SB Summit starts next Friday! I’m volunteering at the event and am looking forward to seeing so many of my blogging friends as well as meeting new ones. Are you going? Tell me so I can look out for you!
  • Mucca is playing that Friday night too. (Busy day!) Though I’m sad because this venue has their merch booth outside of the concert hall, well, I’m glad to be hearing my nerdy friends play again. I never get tired of these guys. Love them all. Hopefully having a girls night with a couple of them (and some girls from school) in the near future.
  • Monday I’ll be heading over to see Hot Grits and Ssssnake at The Hideout after class.
Other Awesomeness:
  • If you didn’t know, VEDA is happening. (Vlog Every Day in August) I sat down and watched a straight marathon of Nico yesterday. He’s just one of many amazing people participating. I’m not. I’m going to use my whole being sick and not having much of a voice as my excuse. (And did you see my work load for just my Thursday night class?) You should really check these people out and give them some commenty love.
That’s a whole bunch of awesomeness.
*My mom’s convinced that I’m going to get pneumonia since I haven’t seen a doctor.
** I’d love to do a giveaway sometime… but all I have to give right now is my love. Which you all win. (Seriously, someone hook a dork up and let me show my readers some giveaway love!)