getting ready for awesomeness, the 20sb summit.

The 20sb Summit is inching, no, RUNNING closer and closer. The count down is in days, that I can count on one hand. It’s big. The last time we had a huge group of 20sb bloggers in Chicago was 2009 for the Ultimate Meetup.*

20sb has come a long way since that weekend party. For starters, pretty sure we hadn’t even reached 10,000 members then. Hell, probably not even 7-8,000… We’re over 18,000 now. More every single day–I know, I’m on the admin team and I can see how the application list changes. Also, this is a real summit. We’ve got speakers and panels as well as parties.**

Now, thanks to CPS, I’ve been sort of “on” in terms of readiness to meet new people–what with all the various design events I’ve been going to this summer. So I’m good to go for the summit. It also helps that I know a good handful of the bloggers going. But that first time I met a large group of bloggers, yeah, I was super nervous. I tried to mask it, and I tried liquid confidence (booze, people)… but what really got me through is the simple fact that we’re a group of awesome, open, and inviting people. We’re personal bloggers, it’s in our nature.

I love when conferences and events like this are in Chicago. For one, I’m too poor to travel anywhere–seriously, had Mucca not taken me on tour, I might not have left the city this summer. Also, I love Chicago. This city is awesome. It’s not too hard to get around–though if you need tips, I wrote some for the 20b blog here. There’s always some sort of show/concert going on. And the lake, which truly does make a huge difference. (Hell, I’m a fan of the river… I’ll be even more of one once they clean it up.) So, I’m super excited for a lot of bloggers to come and enjoy my city. Not to mention, August in Chicago is quite nice.

School’s kept my away from the blogging community. And I cannot wait to spend all weekend immersed completely in it. So, to get ready for that… here’s some visual treats from that epic 2009 meetup…

If you’re going, say hi! I no longer have pink hair (or much hair really), but I’ll be there in all my dorky, awkward glory.

*It was just a long weekend of touring Chicago and drinking. But it was awesome.
**You might be asking why that’s important… It shows that yes, we’re 20-somethings but we also take our blogging lives seriously.