Blog Swap #9: my Brazilian summer

Hey Everyone!

I’m Poly and I’ll be your Erini for the day today! For 20SB, we were given blog partners for the 9th Blog Swap to post today on something summer related as the season comes to a close.

I guess what’s most interesting about my “summer,” is that it’s technically still winter where I am! I live in São Paulo, Brazil, and for almost 4 years now, I’ve been free of the harsh New England winters I grew up in to the mild southeastern Brazilian ‘winter,’ where cold is low 50s and windy. My blog is pretty much about my experience moving back to Brazil, and is aptly entitled Disseram Que Voltei Americanizada (They Say I’ve Returned Americanized).

Since for me summer is on the horizon, I thought I’d talk to you guys about what we typically do here in São Paulo in the spring and summer months and share a few pictures of my past few summers in the city and nearby towns and beaches!

Living in one of the biggest (size and population wise!) cities in the world and add being in Latin America to the equation, you can imagine how insane the city life can get here! Mostly what we tend to do here on weekends in the summer is escape from Sampa City, or find our own little escapes inside the city.

So what am I looking forward to this summer?

Running in the park
Can we all come to an agreement that people who run in the winter aren’t normal human beings and possess some sort of super power genetics where they’re able to face cold wind on their faces for the pleasure of being in shape in the winter?

Um, yeah. No thanks. I’ll do the inside the building pilates thing, thanks.

But I do like to run in temperate weather. And the weather’s just getting bearable enough for night runs in Ibirapuera Park!

Escaping to the Shore
There are fabulous beaches just an hour away, but the weather at these beaches is iffy. It’s way too chilly in the winter and it can rain during the summer. So the best thing to do is just wait for a Saturday morning when you wake up, call your bestie and say, “It’s sunny out. Let’s take advantage!”Rush to the beach, traffic pending, and make the most out of the day with a guaranteed refreshing breeze, beach volleyball or soccer (or futevolei – a combination of both! also way too complicated for me…), and drinks at the kiosk watching the sun set behind the hills before reluctantly heading back to the city.

New Years Eve
In the SUMMER! Ok, for those who don’t find this fascinating, skip this part. For those who live in cities where New Years Eve is f*’in cold out and all you have is getting wasted with your friends watching fireworks on TV, at the club you paid way too much for (hors d’oerves at NYE parties always seem to suck, no?), or snuggling with… your mom… then you understand me. And in Brazil, people make it a point to go to the beach because there are all sorts of superstitions that involve jumping in the ocean at midnight… which pretty much gets me excited for it every year. So much that I’ve already booked flights and an Airbnb apartment in Rio. Holler.

Outdoor Arts & Antiques Fairs 
One of my favorite things about this city is how eclectic it is. And one arts fair has different things from the other, unlike most bigger toursity type cities. I love waking up late on a Saturday afternoon, hitting up a local farmer’s market for groceries and then after bringing my stuff back home, pretending to be such a hipster and finding a new fair nearby or really far away and pretend to be able to afford the incredible antiques and paintings and overall knickknacks I come across.

Oh, and of course it’s worth mentioning all these fairs here have food stalls too. Yum.

Last but certainly not least, Carnaval for Brazilians is almost like Labor Day for Americans. It’s our last chance to party before, well, reality. It’s an ongoing joke that Carnaval is the real Brazilian New Year (hey, if other countries can pick a date…). This year,  I headed to the Northeast for Carnaval in Pernambuco, where I had tons of fun at the beach, jumped like crazy to Afro-Brazilian drum bands (aka, Maracatu),  went scuba diving, and caught national rock bands at night!

Now that I’ve made you all jealous and you hate me… I have to admit, I do miss the leaves changing colors in the fall!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my tiny cultural summer blog post.

Beijos, and take care 🙂

From Erini: Can I just say that I’m completely jealous of Poly’s summer. Or everyone in Brazil’s summer. I mean, I’ve got a beach, but she’s got a real one. Anyway, you can read about my summer over on her blog!