how twitter surprised me with free watches

About three weeks ago I entered a blog giveaway. I’m sort of hit and miss about giveaways–mainly it’s that whole “not winning” thing that gets to me. But this one I entered on a whim.

And of course you know what happens next… I won.

Seems all sort of random, but with out Manhattan Beach Momma‘s giveaway–a piece of swag from the CleverGirl BlogHer party–I would have never discovered this awesome brand: Modify Watches.

First, you should understand the craziness of what happened with this giveaway… I found out via twitter that I won the watch. Then Debbie (MBM) decided to throw in an extra watch band. (Grey, my favorite color. No joke!) … Then I got a tweet from Aaron from Modify watches congratulating me on the win and offering me yet another Modify Watch so I’d have a set to play with.

I then spent way too many hours on Modify’s site attempting to pick out my watch. Basically, Modify Watches are ones where you can switch out the faces and strap. With only a couple of pieces, it can feel like you have a crazy awesome watch collection. Aaron said for me to pick out a face and a strap… which was a harder task than I thought.

After 2 hours of looking online, this is as far as I got in my decision making process. That is until I impulsively sent an email stating I wanted a white band and orange face.

Now, during all this time I started talking with Aaron more and more. Modify is a start up which is beginning to gain a nice little following, and I soon realized why. Beyond being good looking watches that are actually affordable (sorry Nooka, I love you but I refuse to pay that much for a watch), Modify has an amazing asset in it’s team. Aaron is absolutely amazing and genuine. And from the looks of in in the work being done for the rest of the company, it seems the rest of the team is just as amazing and authentic. They’re reachable, their personalities shine out just as much as whatever watch creation you pick for yourself.

They’re still new to the game. I spent a good deal of time talking with Aaron about social media and blogging–a conversation I’d love to continue. His passion is truly seen through his commitment to customer service. It’s a brand who, though being new, is making great steps in doing the whole social media thing right. If you’ve got a question, Aaron’s right there with a response and a smile.* And well, I’ve got to give a shout out to my fraternal name twin for also sending me an extra surprise… another watch. So now I truly have a great watch collection, and it’s all thanks to Twitter really.

from left to right: my surprise gift, the one I picked out, and the two I won!

Personally, I love them. (duh.) I haven’t worn a watch in years, after wearing one every day since high school. I could never find one I liked enough to justify spending money on it. I never really thought I’d be into analogue watches–I like alarm features–but I’m finding I actually kind of like the ticking.

See, look at how awesome my watch looks! Like I said, beautiful and affordable. Once my financial life gets back on track, you know I’ll be getting more… (Especially since they have a new line coming out soon!) Oh, and if you like these watches, stay tuned because my 500th blog post is coming up and Modify might have something awesome for you…

*I’m just assuming he’s smiling because his emails exude happiness.
**I was not asked to write this post at all… All opinions are my own and Modify Watches did not pay me in any way shape or form.