Exciting myself to exhaustion

I’ve said this a lot, but life just doesn’t slow down. At all.

  • With tonight’s class* over, I now only have one, ONE, week of school left. (read: OMGOMGOMG)
  • This week, myself plus three awesome ladies started a project I’m super excited about–all of this sparked by a very lively twitter discussion. (details soon)
  • Getting things ready to start freelancing. Which means building my site, getting professional-ish pictures taken, figuring out rates… (read: OMGOMGOMG)
  • Back to back Mucca weekends, and next weekend has two shows in one day.
  • This Friday night I have a design nerd event (aka Public School at Post Family), plus a going away party for a friend I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen…

It’s really those first three keeping me insanely, but a good insanely, busy. Part of that is because for my book design class I choose to do A LOT of hand drawn lettering… And for my type II class I have a poster I’m redoing with two different concepts as well as another poster to tweak, and an assignment that was supposed to be a one-page magazine spread that I’ve turned into a full-on tiny zine. And all the awesomeness of this new project that I cannot wait to share. (Starting something from the ground up is a lot of work, but super exciting.) And yeah. Freelancing. Scary and exciting. (Please contact me if you’d like to work with me on a project!)

* “Class” meaning we went to the Apple Store to listen to our instructor (and Post Family) speak about their design collaborative.