So, as of today, I finished up all my student responsibilities for the portfolio school.

Classes are over–though we still have to reschedule the letterpressing workshop for intermediate type. Last night we had our end of quarter party. My portfolio review was this afternoon. My cubbie is cleaned out. My time as a student at CPS is, for now, done.

My time as a freelancer work starts Monday. And I get a cubicle.

Yep. I have a parttime freelance gig. It’s web development. Helping to get a website launched by the end of the month. After that project, I’ll stay on to help with the other phases of the site. I’m looking forward to it. However, this job won’t be enough. I still need to hustle and get a few more jobs. Whether something “formal”, like a waitressing or office stuffs, or more freelancing gigs.

I have to be open to everything, but of course the idea of just freelancing and making a living from it, seems ideal. It’s all a misconception about having more freedom, but really freelancing requires a lot of work. There’s a lot of living costs I have to cover, and then there’s the taxes I’ll have to pay on this stuff later (fun times)… and then there’s the whole convincing people that yes, my rates are worth it because I 1) am awesome, and 2) have to factor in those taxes as well as other expenses that are just forgotten about, like rent and healthcare if I so choose it (finally). … All of these things tie into that super awesome secret project I’m working on with super awesome ladies. (Again, more details to come.)

My fingers are just crossed for stability.

*non-related other stuffs:
1) I started a blog for my Quaker stuff, Plain Song.
2) During this whole break & trying to take care of myself… going to attempt to vlog. The cats and I recorded yet another video tonight, hopefully we’ll get it on the youtubes this weekend. Hold me accountable, internets.