freelancing, hacking, California, and cutting off more of my hair.

  • I started freelancing last week… Web Dev(elopment) for 40 hours a week. Sort of intense. And I’m just doing front-end stuff. (You know, making the designer’s work actually look pretty and function and all that…) Not sure how full-time uber web developers, like Nico, do it. Site’s gotta go live by the end of the week/first of October.
  • I leave for California is 6 days. OMG 6 DAYS. We’re driving out there from Chicago. So that’s like 2 days, in a shuttle/tour bus, with the Muccas. Each way. (This is one of those: I wish I had an iPad moments. Movies on my gimpy laptop are not as awesome. It has zombie pixels.) It’ll be an awesome trip and I’m looking forward to visiting the west coast. If you’re in/near San Francisco, Visalia, LA, or San Diego… you should come check out one of our shows. (Especially the LA day show–we’re at Tour de Fat, a free festival by New Belgium Brewery. Beers & Bikes, people. It’s awesome. And free.)
  • I cut my already short hair shorter. Or rather, I went back to the place that does the $5 student cuts, and they were booked… The salon they recommend started at $53 for a cut. So I said F that and went to Haircuttery. $15 in and out. With a fohawk no less.
  • Styling a fohawk on one’s own, not that easy. Especially if you over think it! Hence the headband today (which, yes, starting to give me a headache, again). Also: these things are not glasses friendly.
  • Attempting girly-fication via nail polish. So far, out of all the colors I actually like… this purple is the easiest for me to deal with when it comes to actually wearing. Still feels weird and I keep stopping myself because OMG SOMETHING ON MY FINGER… then I realize it’s nail polish. Yeah. Seriously have a hard time wearing this stuff. But the purple so far, has been the easiest.
  • Lastly, but definitely still super awesome: I’m the new segments editor over at Twenties Hackers. Which, if you haven’t checked out that site, you definitely need to! My first post is here: Just a little crush… –and you don’t want to miss it because it’s talking about something I might not talk about on Adorkable for a while. A long while. (What? Rini’s not going to talk about boys here?! .. yeah, I know. Trying something different.)