can't. sit. still.

I’m not used to working on Fridays. The past 6 months, I’ve had Fridays off since I wasn’t taking the Digital Bootcamp courses. But these past two weeks I’ve been freelancing full time. But this Friday isn’t like other Fridays. Because on Sunday I get to wake up super early and take two buses for over an hour just to load a smaller bus full of gear and stuff and then ride it for 34 hours out to California. WHERE I WILL BE IN CALIFORNIA FOR 5 DAYS.

Okay, so 5 days doesn’t sound like much, but still! Driving there and back, traveling with some of my best friends, and getting to see my favorite band play like, 6 shows (aka my best friends I’m traveling with)… Golden. It’s an adventure. And I’ve talked about this a lot already. Just too excited to focus and sit still and you know FOCUS. (Partially because I keep thinking of this video of said friends I will be traveling with and giggling profusely.)

I’ll try to post some while on the road, and there’s talks of me doing some travel vlogs for Twenties Hacker* too. But I’m sort of looking forward to a nice trip and disconnecting some. Yes, I’ll still tweet random things, and probably get on facebook too… But it’ll be nice to just get away for a bit.

It’s also going to be nice to get out of this cold… although my weather widgets are telling me that on Wednesday it’ll actually be 12 degrees warmer in Chicago than San Francisco–which is totally not okay because I will have pool & hot tub access that day and some decent down time before we load in for the first show. My bikini better get some use on this trip.

If you’re in California, more specifically San Francisco, Visalia, LA, or San Diego… check out Mucca’s schedule and come out to one of the shows! We’re doing a couple free shows, so there’s really no excuse if you’re in the area. Which means you should also stop by the merch table and say hi to me.

*If you’re not reading Twenties Hacker already, um, hi. Get with it. And I’m not just saying that because I’m an editor, but because there is truly an awesome team here and it’s something to be excited about.