oh hello California…

We arrived safely in California… Tuesday evening. I know I only left on Sunday, but it feels like I’ve been gone a lot longer than I have been. Granted, now that the tour’s actually started–first show last night here in San Francisco–I’m sure it’ll go by a lot quicker than I’m ready for.

For three days on the road in the bus, it really hasn’t been bad. In fact, it’s been a load of fun. 10 of us drove out together, pretty much all of the others flew in yesterday. So they missed a fair bit of made up songs, Chunky Watch, Nebraska (which, honestly, I “missed” too since I pretty much slept through the entire state), Ela’s amazing homemade pickles and Jacob’s homemade granola bars, the Salt Flats, and a lot of other good times.

I actually got to have a little bit of Erini Time here in San Francisco yesterday. One we got into town, the 10 of us split up fairly quickly and after lunch I was walking around by myself. I didn’t really explore like I should have. Really, I only walked around and went to a Goodwill (where I picked up uber cheap comfy dresses–and one with sequens because, hello, this tour needs a little more sparkle)… After that it was back to the Hayes Valley area to sit in a park for a while and watch little kids play. (Yeah, not creepy at all.)

Last night’s show went well. We played with two rather entertaining groups. Rube Waddell, who actually converted a baseball bat into a pretty damn awesome electric string instrument. They were followed by a New Orleans style brass band. Lots of energy and just a lot of fun to watch and listen to. Actually picked up a cd from both bands–okay, so I got them for a friend, but it was under the condition that I get to copy them over to my own iTunes first.

In about an hour or so we’ll load up and head to Visalia. We’ve got two shows today: all ages free show at a rec center, then a night show at the Cellar Door. After that it’s a couple shows in LA then San Diego. Yep. Totally going to go a lot quicker than I’m going to want. Of course, when it’s all done, we’ve got the drive back–and there’s talks of going up through/pass Vegas and into Denver before going to Kansas City.

Not California. (Utah near the Salt Flats… we climbed up to get a better view of the town)