committing to me: getting it started

I’ve been making some big statements about wanting to do more with my life. Or at least re-evaluate it. Time to check in on all that.


  • I’ve been sketching some more! Not as much as I might like, but I like what I’ve got. Including my weird cross between moby dick and an narwhal.
  • I started brainstorming my stories for NaNoWriMo. This year it’s going to be a collection of short stories. What’s also good with this is I am starting to build a good NaNo network including two lovely bloggers and my very creative coworker.
  • The biggest thing: I finally finished* my portfolio site.


  • Yeah… I haven’t gone to Meeting at all.


  • Yeah… didn’t go walking. Haven’t started yoga or couch5k…
  • I did dance a lot. I may have been a bit drunk, but it was hours of dancing.


  • Only went out to lunch once, and that was to Protein Bar. (Okay, I bought donuts last Friday, but it was to share with some of my coworkers.) I’ve been packing leftovers and good sammiches for lunchs. (Turkey & havarti? YES.) I’ve also successfully cooked quinoa twice (tonight included).


  • All that dancing from above? I went to a friend’s concert. New Orleans’s style brass band. Holy crap these guys are a lot of fun! Hence all the dancing. I mean, I got complete strangers to come up and dance with (or near) me. Plus it was pretty awesome to see my friend in another one of his bands… AND to hear him sing. I mean, I’ve heard him sing in his car, but at a show with a band is different. It was a fun, albeit drunken, night.
  • Another Mucca show last week. So more time with my friends.
  • Okay, it’s still online, but I actually have been corresponding via email with an online friend regularly. We’ve been checking in on each other at least once a week. It’s been awesome.
  • Creative Mornings Chicago tomorrow. I’m going.
  • EDIT: Not sure how I forgot… This goes under Creative too. Reading Band is getting back together!

And that’s where I’m at so far. Going to try to keep checking in every few weeks or month or whatever span of time seems appropriate at the time.

*Okay, nothing’s ever finished when it comes to a portfolio. But stuff is up there now.
**So, the two topics I’m also working on are financial and relationships, but I kind of want to keep that private. (And yes, I realize Rini’s not talking about boys?! omg! I’m still single, and I may or may not like someone… but I’m happy.)