noms 2.0: using apps to make the most of meal planning

In trying to figure out where, how, and what the internet means for me, I’ve found one thing that has been working amazingly for me. It, plus some good apps, has been perfect for meal planning.

It starts on Pinterest. For all of you who’ve ever complained about all the food items I’ve pinned—well, it’s not for nothing. It’s were my meal plan begins. I go through that massive board and if I’ve been smart with my pinning, it goes back to a recipe. I’m going from pinning awesome looking desserts and such, to pinning foods I’d actually want to eat and more important, think I can make.

From there… it goes to Wunderlist.

As you can see, I use Wunderlist for A LOT. I just found it a few weeks ago, and I fell in love instantly. First: It’s free. Second: It syncs from my desktop to my Android phone (AND it has a widget). Third: It’s not just a list of items, I can assign due dates, star items, I can collaborate with someone if need be, AND I can add notes to each list item. I love that I can have as many lists as I want. It’s been my ultimate Do-To/Do No Forget app. I highly recommend it.

For meal planning, it’s nice to remember what exactly I bought all this food for. So I can list specific meals I have the ingredients. I could put the recipes in those items, but once they’re crossed off I’m not sure if they saved and what if I want to make it again?

This is where Evernote comes in for me. I love Evernote, but still fail at utilizing it to fit me best. But now? I’m starting to save the recipes that I’ve made and liked. With pictures, because come on, if you’re going to cook something it helps to have a visual reminder of just how awesome your dish was. And Evernote syncs to my phone, so if I’m out and about… maybe grocery shopping and have changed my mind from what’s on Wunderlist… I’ve got recipes with me. Each recipe is tagged so I can easily search through them—and with the Evernote app for Google Chrome, it means these recipes will also show up in my searches too.

I still use pen and paper—it’s just my nature. But so far I love this new method. I could probably skip the Wunderlist, but I do love that app, and well, I’ve spent the last few days trying to remember what ingredients I bought were for which meal. And then I realized I didn’t just have 2 meals waiting in my cupboard, I had 3. So now I won’t forget which I have yet to make—which totally helps for those moments when I’m hungry but cannot figure out what to make.

What are your methods for organizing your meal planning and recipes?