the blogger who inspires me AND OMGgoals.

I have a lot on my mind this morning, but just not sure how to organize it let alone express it in words. Not coherently at least.

Luckily there’s a beautiful blogger who’s writing I’ve really been agreeing with and just loving. Chances are you may already know her…

I had the pleasure of meeting Amy a few years ago when she was visiting Chicago. She’s been doing what I’ve been trying to do with my own life—take a hold of it. She’s not an expert or life coach by any means. She’s just a normal person, an English teacher, who’s writing about her own journey to make the best of and truly enjoy her life. She inspires me to push forward and keep going.

Speaking of which, here are some of my upcoming goals:

  • Reorganize my entire apartment. Big task, but I’m breaking it up into manageable parts. Sort through all my clothes & shoes, clean this area, then clean that area. Hopefully by the end of the month my place will be ready for my big purchase: a couch. Since April, I’ve been treating my apartment like a storage unit with a bed. It’s time it starts feeling like a home.
  • Go through all of my clothes & shoes. My friend Ronnie and I have talked about doing a clothing swap, and she even offered up her place to do it! So I want to get ready and get this going! I’m notorious for holding onto clothing, and if I plan on getting new stuff (or new to me stuff) I need to make room.
  • Get my bike! Leah was super awesome to give me her old bike. However, it’s been sitting at my friend Courtney’sfor, well, a long time. My mom bought me a Groupon to Kozy’s, so I’m going to buy a helmet this week and make arrangements for the fun, many hour ride from Wicker Park to Rogers Park. (It’s mainly going to be many hours because I’m going to take my sweet time getting home.)
And of course… OMG NANOWRIMO.
Also big news: I’m now 7 posts away from 500. And yes, there is a giveaway that you probably don’t want to miss. (So far, I’ve got stuff to give away valuing over $200. That’s pretty awesome.)