gotta protect my brains!

So back in… August? I got a pretty awesome surprise. I’d been looking for a bike, checking out the offerings on craigslist, when I got a message from Leah. Long story short, by the end, Leah decided to give me her bike.

However, Leah lives in a neighborhood on the west side, and I’m in the furthest most neighborhood. Quite a bit of a bike ride for someone who really hasn’t ridden much since college (and even then, Goshen had a really small campus). So, as mentioned once before, my super awesome friend Courtney, who happened to live really close Leah, offered to pick up my bike for me.

And that’s where my bike’s been… this entire time. I’ve actually yet to see my own bike, let alone ride it. But before I make that nice long bike ride from Courtney’s back up to my place, well, I needed to be prepared. I needed a helmet! And well, this is me we’re talking about, so not just any helmet would do.

…Luckily, there was a Groupon offer for a local bike shop, Kozy’s. Unluckily, I was getting paid until Tuesday today. Long after my chance to buy the Groupon. Luckily… Mom to the rescue! My mom agreed to buy the Groupon for me, and then told me I didn’t need to pay her back.

So, today, I walked myself on over to Kozy’s and got myself this little beauty…

It’s the Giro Surface helmet in Eleanor Spring Blossom. I knew I wanted a more skater-style because hey, more skull coverage and personally I just love the way they look. The fact this one has a little brim is just awesome and adorable. What’s hard to see in pictures, though, is that this isn’t just a white helmet. There’s blossoms and swallows on the helmet. I tried to get a picture of it…

I still giggle when I see myself in my helmet. It definitely reminds me of the equestrian riding helmets. (Which, hi, if you have a horse in the Chicago area and would like to let me ride it, OMG PLEASE.) But well, at least it’s nice to know that my brains are pretty well protected. Here’s hoping it stays just a fashion accessory rather than a life saver.