lego necklaces and being a hopeless romantic. (keyword: hopeless)

I’ve been on a necklace hunt for a while. Constantly searching a variety of sites for the perfect one.

Remember, this is me, so of course, much hard process than it should be. I see a lot of necklaces that I like, but I want to make sure I get one that I really liked. One I knew I would wear a lot.

I’m not a big jewelry person. No piercings (anymore). I don’t wear rings, and I’m not sure I own any (in Chicago anyway). I have maybe 5 necklaces, but I wear less than one a month. Bracelets? The only one I wore for any length of time was the friendship bracelet my little sister made me. I’m just not a jewelry person. May be my Quakerness. May be lingering tomboyness.

So, I think I’ve finally figured out what I wanted. A lego brink necklace. Probably a thin 2×4 plate piece on a regular silver chain… not sure what color lego piece yet. And that’s because I got caught up in “should I actually buy this for myself?” It’s the hopeless romantic in me being a brat. When it comes to getting myself certain things, that little annoying quixotic voice chimes in with the “wouldn’t it be great if someone special bought this for you?” Yeah. It would. But it’s not going to happen.

For one, I’m still single. So that rule out any sort of boyfriend getting me cute little gifts. Secondly, I mean, really… even if there was someone special that I was attracted to, the likelihood that they’d actually think about this? Yeah… It’s just not going to happen. I’d love for some guy to surprise me some day. But I have to keep that stupid hopeless romantic side of me in check. It’s just one small step in me trying not to get hurt.

*I actually have a rule that I can’t get another stuffed animal for myself, has to be a gift. Unless it’s special in some way. (Which completely explains why I do not have a stuffed narwhal yet.)
**I also probably won’t end up getting the lego necklace at all, because I’d much rather have one made out of sterling silver, but can’t really justify $40 on a metal lego brick on a chain